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Looking for online architectural drawings? you have just hit the jackpot!

Congratulations, you have just found the internet hub for anyone searching for architectural services online.

We produce planning and building regulations drawings for all types of home improvement project from extensions and loft conversions all the way through to self build projects

You will get an abundance of Creativity without the egoism

If you give us a call to discuss your project you will immediately get a feel for the laid back and friendly nature that we bring to our clients.

Dont get us wrong, we are a highly creative team of architectural designers, 3d visualisers, engineers and property surveyors and we put a high level of expectation on ourselves but we are also thoroughly nice people who enjoy nothing more than helping people just like you to get the absolute best out of their homes.

There are no egos here and we leave vanity at the door.  We work with you to turn your ideas into your dream home.

Our experienced architectural designers will be on hand to offer up suggestions along the way but we are always mindful that this is your family home that we are working with and not a vanity project for our own portfolio.


Fantastic drawings, implausible prices

Did you know that the average architect fee in the UK is around 10% of the buid cost (this can be as much as 15% in Greater London).

With the average price of a Loft Conversion now around £55K post thats between £5,500.00 – £8,250.00 in design fees!

One of the reasons for this is that many architects prefer to work on large commercial projects and look upon the small residential projects as being a little scrappy.

Not us, in fact if we had an office dog then his name would be scrappy (and he would be totally adorable of course)

Small residential projects, such as loft conversions and extensions are our bread and butter, its all that we do and we do it blooming well !  

At Fixed Price Architecture we only work on domestic residential projects, it is what we do week in and week out and we are experts at it.

Also, because we have worked on thousands of homes just like yours we have a very good idea of how long your project is likely to take and can therefore provide you with a 100% FIXED PRICE fee proposal with a personal guarantee by our founder and owner that you will never be asked to pay us a penny more for our service 

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