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Do You Need Plans For Planning Permission?

We can produce full planning permission and permitted development drawings in accordance with local and national planning policies.

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Planning Permission Drawings Online

Our design experts can produce detailed plans for planning permission to accompany any type of planning application including full planning, householder planning, permitted development and prior notification schemes.

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We will produce plans for any type of extension, any size for one low fixed fee.

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What Drawings Do I Need For Planning Permission?

It goes without saying that having an extension or conversion to your property can be expensive, however, no matter what it is that you are looking to change or add, then chances are that you are going to see them as an investment for the future.

When the time comes to sell your property and move on, having an extension or conversion added is going to add value, which will mean more money for you.

The thing to remember about converting or extending your home, is that there are some things that you need to pay out for and some things that you may wonder whether or not you actually need.

Planning permission is not something that you can choose whether or not to apply for. It is something that you need and is required by your local authority. That said, not every building project does in fact need planning permission – please be advised that in normally ALL cases a building project WILL need building regulations approval!

Depending on what changes you are making, the size of the things that you are amending or where you live and the nature of your property – You may be covered by what is known as Permitted Development. 

The idea of Permitted Development is that you can make certain changes to your property without having to request full householder planning permission to make alterations. 

It some instances Permitted Development rights are removed on properties under an Article 8 directive, this is especially the case with many newer housing estates built in the new millennium.

Even if your project appears at first glance to meet the criteria of permitted development, the only way to be absolutely certain is to apply for something called a lawful development certificate from your local authority planning department.

Why Do I Need Plans When Making A Planning Application?

Whether your changes fall into Permitted Development or they fall into the requirement for full householder planning permission, having detailed plans is an essential requirement. 

These plans form an integral part of your your planning / permitted development application.

Not only are they important for this part of the process, but plans also help to visualise the ideas that you have for your extension and what you want it to look like. 

They are an awesome way of allowing others to see how you visualise your new home.  They also allow you to show your builders exactly what it is that you hope to achieve with your build.

What Do Planning Drawings Need To Show?

As a bare minimum a typical set of planning drawings for a domestic extension or alteration would need to include all of the following to get past planning validation checks and for the scheme to be considered by planning:

Existing Elevations @ 1:50 or 1:100 Scale

Existing Floor Plans @ 1:50 or 1:100 Scale

Existing Roof Plan @1:100 Scale

Existing Site Location Plan @ 1:1250 Scale

Proposed Elevations @ 1:50 Scale

Proposed Floor Plans @ 1:50 Scale

Proposed Roof Plans @ 1:50 Scale

Proposed Block Site Plan @ 1:50 Scale

Things often also requested but not always:

Off Street Parking Block Plan

Details of Vehicular Crossovers

Any rights of way over yours/adjoining owners land(s)

Floor Levels for Flood Assessment

Locations of Trees – especially any with TPOs

Neighbours Windows together with 60 degree horizontal sight lines

Neighbours Windows with 45 degree vertical sight lines

What Does A Set Of Planning Permission Drawings Look Like?

Below you will see various examples of planning permission drawings all created professionally by our experienced team.

For a planning application to be approved it will first go through a validation check with your local authority planning department.

During the validation checks a planning officer will look at the planning permission drawings submitted into them and check that they are drawn to the correct level of detail and to the appropriate scale required. 

In the examples below you will see that the existing elevations and floor plans are all clearly drawn to a scale of 1:100 and that the proposed floor plans and elevations are drawn to a larger scale of 1:50 as the level of detail needs to be clearer. 

How Do I Turn My Ideas Into A Set Of Planning Permission Drawings?

All of our clients will recieve access to their own online project board.  

This is where you will be able to upload information such as photographs and sketches as well as post comments to your designer.  

The project board is something we are incredibly proud of and we have made it as intuative as possible with comment features much like we are all used to using on social media platforms.

Furthermore there is a downloadable App for your mobile device which allows you to recieve instant notificatons and allows you to view the status of your project at your finger tips 24/7.

We are the first online Architectural Services provider to offer our clients such a platform to collaborate directly with us.

The benefits of our system are:

  • All your drawings and documents available to view, share and download in one place.
  • All communications are held in one place, no more lost emails or things being sent to spam/junk folders.
  • Instant notifications whenever there is an update to your project. 
  • The colour coded system provides an immediate visual indication of where your project is at.
  • There are comments and files available to view, upload and share at each stage and the timeline provides you with clear timeframes allowing you to plan your building works ahead of time.