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Do I Need Planning Permission To Render My House?


Do I need Planning Permission To Render My House?

Whilst some people like to have brickwork on the exterior of their property, there are others who would prefer to have the exterior rendered.

Not only does rendering your property change the way that it looks, but it also provides an outer layer which can help to protect the brickwork from the elements and provide a layer of insulation too.

If you are thinking about rendering a property, then there are likely to be a few things to keep in mind.

One of the key questions that you may ask is whether or not you need planning permission in order to render your house.

Want to know more about rendering? Here is our guide to rendering and whether you need planning permission in order to render your home.

What Is Rendering?

Rendering is a finish that is applied to exterior walls.

It protects the brickwork on a property and gives a smooth finish too.

Usually, in order to render a property you will need to apply around 3 coats of the cement render, as this will offer the most protection and will ensure that the surface should not crack over time.

Not so long ago, the only render that you could really have on your property is a grey pebble dash.

Things have changed over time and you can now choose a variety of different products. This could be silicone render and one-coat renders too.

The most standard option that people will choose for their home is cement renders. These will be applied to a property, after being mixed on site and will usually require more coats than other renders.

Cement rendering will also need to be painted once it is dry and regular painting will need to be done to ensure that the walls look their best.

If you prefer the idea of not having to paint your render, then you can opt for a polymer render, which is often pre-mixed and pre-coloured ready to go.

One of the main things to remember when it comes to rendering your property, is that whilst it is possible to do it yourself, with the right materials, it can still easily go wrong.

This will mean that you are left with a property that does not look as good on the outside as you hope and could be even trickier to sell.

It is a much better idea to speak to an expert in rendering to ensure that it is properly completed and the right tools, techniques and materials are used.

Do I need Planning Permission For Rendering?

So, moving onto the actual question of the blog post, do these changes to the exterior of your property require you to apply for planning permission?

In the most part, you shouldn’t need to apply for planning permission in order to render your home. However, that said, there are some circumstances whereby you will need to apply for permission. The usual reason for this is if you live in a conservation area or if your property is listed and part of a bigger group of properties.

Not only might you need to apply for planning permission, but if you are approved, then you may need to be aware that there are certain colours or render types that you have to use on your property. This will be outlined by your local authority and could have an impact on the choices that are open to you to change your exterior of your property.

As experts in many of the things that you can convert and change in your property. We can help to make sure that your changes are properly planned and put in place. We will learn more about the changes that you want to make and advise you on whether or not you are going to need to apply for planning permission.

We can also help you to put those key plans together, identifying the materials that you are going to need and also the length of time that it is going to take too. With our help you can make sure that you not only have a home that you can be proud of, but also that you have plenty of space too.  We can also help to ensure that you make changes that are going to add to the value of your property, ready for when you may want to sell it in the future.